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About Anthem

Culture is the only differentiator that matters.

Organisations that realise this have the advantage. They tell the best stories, attract the best people, and occupy a category of one. They over-index on creativity and innovation, they outlast the competition, and they enjoy an almost divine connection with their tribe.

  • We are storytellers and culture strategists
  • We reveal what's working for and against leaders
  • We facilitate essential human conversations

Our philosophy

We help organisations understand, own, and shape their most valuable asset —their culture. It’s what differentiates the world’s best from the rest. We reveal the pressure points that put their mission at risk and facilitate the essential human conversations that break down silos, accelerate innovation, and trigger growth.

We won’t tell you what to do, we’ll show you how. And it all starts with Collective Fluency - the language of togetherness and the hallmark of higher order brands. It’s the reactor that powers the world’s most celebrated companies. 

What is Collective Fluency?

It is a representation of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) at group level and rooted in it's academic foundations. CQ is concerned with understanding, and responding to, the nuances, behaviours, and stories of groups.

The three sources of CQ, Head, Body, and Heart, provide the foundation for Collective Fluency at an organisational level.

For an organisation to achieve and maintain Collective Fluency, all three areas must exist in harmony.  When that happens each component exists inter-dependently with the next.

As an example, an organisations values (head) must be practical so they can be expressed through behaviours (body), which should be recognised by reward (heart), which in turn validates the values. 

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We work with Founders and Executives of higher order brands.


Years in culture strategy, branding, and marketing.


Faster cross-function collaboration for a leading AI brand.


Training and resources rolled out globally to over 100k employees.

Your culture has a voice. Are you listening?

We've launched an assessment to give leaders a snapshot or their organisation's Collective Fluency. 

Responding to 15 statements will instantly reveal your Harmony Score and highlight what's working and what needs attention within your company culture.

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Collective by nature.

Meet some of Anthem’s Studio Collective, a shortlist of carefully vetted brands and specialists so we can offer full service support where needed.

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Justin Foster

Fractional CMO services

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Brady Creative

Strategic marketing agency

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B2B LinkedIn growth

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Switch Learning

Leadership development

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lead gen

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Influencer marketing

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Personal branding agency

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Ultimate Offsite

Curated team experiences

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Strategy training
& support

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Meet the Founder

Dan Dowman is a culture coach and strategic advisor who has helped over 30 of the world’s biggest brands achieve cultural impact.

A restless and skilled storyteller, Dan has a gift for pattern recognition and always been passionate about the human dynamics that motivate people. Anthem brings together his two passion for anthropology and meaning and his cultural branding expertise.

Known for the signature warmth, wisdom and relatability, Dan’s reputation is built on his ability to challenge power dynamics and reveal what truly matters to leaders and brands, and translate that into stories that gather people, ignite passion and unlock momentum. 


We’re here for transformation. Are you?

Anthem are leading an urgent and essential work. I have found their Founder, Dan to be a remarkably composed communicator, who is able to translate what some may consider ’nice to haves’ in company culture and marketing into essential brand differentiators that are both good for people and drive commercial growth. Anthem are genuinely calling brands to a higher standard.

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Kat Kennan

CEO, Radical Customer Experience

I really enjoyed my opportunity to work with Anthem. They're not afraid to ask the big questions around purpose and vulnerability that help brands stand out in a crowded marketplace. Dan and his team have taken on the important work of helping organisations better connect their purpose and what makes them unique with the marketing and brand stories they tell and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Sunny Singh

Group Commercial Director

I love the work that Anthem does. They have such a clear grasp of how technology is changing the world of creatives. They are committed to drawing out stories of people to make brands distinctive, which will always get my backing. And as a founder, Dan's relatability and strategic outlook means that Anthem has an uncanny ability for blending the right tools and tactics with powerful human stories.

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Hannah Brady

Director, The Brady Creative

Transformation starts now

Take the Harmony Score assessment today and discover what's working for your company culture, and what needs attention.