Brand is not a voice.
It's a collective.

Imagine for a moment how belonging, ownership, and alignment could transform your business and the stories you tell.

It all starts with a conversation.

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Create stories...

that are worth telling and reflect what really matters.

Unlock momentum...

through collaboration, innovation, and inclusion. 

Release a culture...

that connects and is defined by ownership and advocacy.

Your culture has a voice.
Are you listening?

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The power of collective defines standout brands.

Their people become brand evangelists, their consumers brand advocates.


The foundations of their company culture show up in everything from inclusion to how their branding and marketing shows up in the world. They have an almost divine connection with consumers.

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Their culture underpins every process and organisational rhythm. Everything from attitudes to innovation and creativity to collaboration and day-to-day behaviours. Their people are meaningfully equipped.

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Their people exist in environment of recognition, celebration, and reward. This includes everything from tangible incentives to practical processes. Their paperwork is people first.

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We’re not here for ‘nice to haves’. We’re here for transformation. Are you?

Anthem are leading an urgent and essential work. I have found their Founder, Dan to be a remarkably composed communicator, who is able to translate what some may consider ’nice to haves’ in company culture and marketing into essential brand differentiators that are both good for people and drive commercial growth. Anthem are genuinely calling brands to a higher standard.

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Kat Kennan

CEO, Radical Customer Experience

I really enjoyed my opportunity to work with Anthem. They're not afraid to ask the big questions around purpose and vulnerability that help brands stand out in a crowded marketplace. Dan and his team have taken on the important work of helping organisations better connect their purpose, and what makes them unique, with the marketing and brand stories they tell. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Sunny Singh

Group Commercial Director

I love the work that Anthem does. They have such a clear grasp of how technology is changing the world of creatives. They are committed to drawing out stories of people to make brands distinctive, which will always get my backing. And as a founder, Dan's relatability and strategic outlook means that Anthem has an uncanny ability for blending the right tools and tactics with powerful human stories.

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Hannah Brady

Director, The Brady Creative

Collaboration doesn’t happen by accident, it’s a skill. Anthem understands this and uses clear, simple and practical tools that people can learn to supercharge their ability to collaborate and create effectively. But more than that, they are gifted storytellers with a unique ability to create buy-in across stakeholders.

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Marcus de Vale

Director, WorkVisible Studios

Anthem bring a wealth of experience to the table from the world’s of marketing, brand strategy, and team building. I have had the pleasure of working with their Founder on a range of projects over the years from start-up ideation to organisational development at scale and am excited to see what this next chapter holds.

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John Haynes

CEO, Switch Learning

What has impressed me about Dan and the team at Anthem is their remarkable ability to navigate complex concepts and simplify them in a way that everyone can understand and buy into. Anthem are not just thought leaders, they are deeply practical and focused on transformation.

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Phillip Stemann


We work with Founders and Executives of higher order brands, visionaries and small businesses with big ideas.


Years in culture strategy, branding, and marketing.


Faster cross-function collaboration for a leading AI brand.


Training and resources rolled out globally to over 100k employees.

We amplify collective potential.

We won’t tell you what to do, we’ll show you how. We're masters of...


Anthem is about empathy,
ownership, and abundance. 
We help brands invite their people into advocacy and partnership; where work isn’t just a means to an end.


Anthem is about collaborative practice and releasing collective power. We avoid agency dependency by using workshops and tools anyone can master and use independently.


Anthem is about rhythms, styles,
and tangible expression. 
All outputs are action-led. Language will always connect with things people can actually do or express.

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1. Discover your Harmony Score.

Responding to 15 statements will reveal your organisation's Harmony Score. You’ll get your results instantly and see where attention in needed.

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2. Free results consultation.

We’ll book in a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your results and what you would like to achieve in your organisation.

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3. Build a
broader picture.

There are lots of ways to work together from here. But typically brands introduce the Harmony Score to a wider audience to build a complete picture.

Anthem’s anthem.

We are obsessed with Collective Fluency. The language of togetherness. The hallmark of higher order brands. The reactor that powers the world’s most celebrated companies.
A transformational power source that many are either afraid to embrace or simply lose to complexity and uniformity. Collective Fluency always manifests in practical ways. through branding, marketing, sales, company culture, etc.

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It's just business!?

That's just bullsh*t. 
Tomorrow comes down to two questions:

Who are we becoming?

The world's best let philosophy lead, build long term value and achieve financial velocity.

Who does that serve?

The world's best attract a tribe
of powerful brand advocates and consumer evangelists.

Let's find your anthem.

Anthem works with Founders and executives of higher order brands, visionary startups and small businesses with big ideas.